Refill of 50 compressed towels

5,00 € TTC (5,00 € HT)

50 compressed towels bag.

Towels are 2 cm diameter and 0.8 cm thick tablets. They are made of a 100% natural cotton fabric and are disposable. They are compact, soft, strong, absorbent and 100% biodegradable.

A club is embossed on one side of the compressed towel and an heart on the other side.

Unfolded towel is 22 x 24 cm format for un feeling of 50g/m²

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  • 4,50 €4,50 € Out of stock

    Ideal display to provide a compressed towel, this tray is made of a special notch to position the towel and of a cylinder to be 2/3 filled with water wherein said towel can be introduced so it can develop.Also available for 1 people

    4,50 € TTC (4,50 € HT)