Les petites Serviettes: more than a product. A concept, an experience.

The combination of a small compressed towel in tablet form, with a presentation tray specifically designed to hold the amount of water required for its transformation into a refreshing towel.

By proposing this concept to your customers, you know that they will live a moment of elegance, refinement and friendliness while providing welfare to leave table with clean and scented hands.

To propose to the beginning and / or end of a meal, Les Petites Serviettes allows you to create a warm and friendly time with your customers by possibly offering the choice of various fragrances for their compressed napkins.

Widespread in Asia and the US, Les Petites Serviettes comes in Europe. They will allow you to offer your customers attention and a fun and new experience, rewarding, for a very low cost, your welcome and the image of your restaurant.

To facilitate this moment, we offer all needed products: Compressed towels, various trays presentations, fragrances, and design and convenient bottles to fill up the cylinders.

Compressed towels:

Innovative and modern our compressed towels are 2 cm diameter and 0.5 cm thick tablets. They are made of a 100% natural cotton fabric and are disposable. They are compact, soft, strong, absorbent and 100% biodegradable.

Available in 2 designs:

  • A lighter design (40g / m²) unfolded in 18 x 24 cm format
  • A more substantial design (50g / m²) unfolded in 22 x 24 cm format and with a grid

Depending on the season, you can moisten this magic towel with cold or hot water, possibly adding a fragrance of your choice.

The shelf life is unlimited and without any risk because dehydrated.

10ml of water (2 teaspoons) sufficient to transform the tablet in a 18x24cm napkin.